Général Manager

42ème Nuit de la Danse

Erik Habib

Président du  Danse Club 92


Michel Aufrère, technical director and presenter of the event

 Odile Auxenfants, artistique director


The timetables set in this program may be modified by the organizers according to the number of competitors



WDC/AL  International Latin Adult  (+16 ans)

WDC/AL International Ballroom (Adult and youth 1)

WDC/AL Open senior Latin  (30 and over)

WDC/AL Sénior 1 Ballroom  (30 and over)

WDC/AL Sénior 2  Ballroom  ( 40 and over)

WDC/AL Open  Youth 1 and 2  Latin (16-21)

WDC/AL Open Junior 1 and 2 Latin  (13-16)

WDC/AL Open Juvenile Latin (9-12)

WDC/AL Open Trophy Latin  ( Intermediate,advanced ) 

WDC/AL Open Trophy  Ballroom (Intermediate,advanced) 

WDC/AL Débutant Latin 

WDC/AL Open Youth 1 et 2  Ballroom (Junior)

EVENING  19H30 PM TO 23H00 PM >

SOIRÉE DE 20H00 A 23H00 

 1/2 Finale standard et  Latine

Public Ball with DJ

Finale Youth,  Junior et sénior

Public Ball with DJ

 Grand Prix International  Ballroom

and Latin  Final

Public Ball with DJ

L'un des show de la soirée

After 23h Pm 

Surprise Animation

Résult and Trophy


Duel des géants

The best couples for a 

" Free Dance Show "

Public ball non stop with DJ until 2 AM